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FOOD FEST is an annual event conducted at LMCP every year in the month of  December 30th. Students, faculty, and staff members at LMCP work hard to create a culinary festival on campus. This festival is supervised by Dr. Shashank Tiwari, Director (Academics and Research). This festival is the brainchild of LMCP faculty and staff. It was great to see these young students interested in the typical UP pleasures liiti, which are whole wheat balls cooked over a direct fire and eaten with "Baingan ka chokha" (eggplants roasted over a flame and infused with green chillies, onions and freshly chopped coriander leaves). It had littis before being stuffed with spicy "Sattu" (roasted gramme flour), which was flawlessly roasted while having a smokey flavour, and the "Baingan ka chokha" was refreshing and spicy.

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