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Mrs. Sunita Verma, Sr. Librarian

  1. To keep an update with the latest happenings and to correlate it to history, merging it with technology the students need the resource of information. The Library of the Institute uses Open-Source Library Management

  2. The record of the entire requirement to cater to the need of students. It has incorporated collections of prints, visuals, and creative resources which are systematically organized with different sources from India and abroad. The list of books is being upgraded as per the requirement from time to time.

  3. We have a well-furnished library

  4. The proper air ventilation system is available.

  5. We have more than 3000 books in our library & 10% new books shall be increased in every year.

  6. Proper seats are available in our library for students and faculty.

  7. A noise-free environment has been maintaining in the library for study purposes.

  8. All subject books are available in our library.

  9. Books are issued to the student for study in the library and home

  10. Entry register has been maintaining for issuance and retrieval of all books

  11. A separate library card has been issue for each students

  12. E-books /digital books are available in our college

  13. The latest version of Indian pharmacopeia is available in our library.

  14. Pharmacy journals, newspapers,s and encyclopedias, dictionaries etc. available in our library.

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